Pregnancy Perks

Behind all of the heartburn, the morning sickness, the fatigue, and everything else that comes with being pregnant. There has got to be some perks right? I am almost in my 3rd trimester with my 4th baby and wanted to compile the things that I have found to perk while having a bun in the oven.

1.No food guilt. Now I eat very healthily when I am pregnant and want to supply my growing little one with all of the nutrients she needs. However while pregnant I refuse to feel guilty about that slice of pie for dessert, a late night shakes every once in a while, or an extra helping of my favorite dish. Food is one thing that makes me so happy while pregnant. (After that morning sickness fades of course) My favorite treats right now? Chocolate and baked goods.

2. Naps! With this being my 4th I am so tired all the time and find that I can hardly function without a little rest. I love that sweet my husband does not mind doing extra so I can snooze. Even my other children have been understanding and let me rest for a little bit each day.

3. People are friendlier. Now I know us pregnant ladies do not enjoy strangers touching our bellies, so I am not talking about that. I have just noticed people are little nicer to me, friendly smiles and small talk. This reminds me to not be in such a hurry when I am running around the store and to be more helpful to people around me. I once even got a free ice-cream at a fast food drive up because the employee saw my belly and told me the baby needed it. I gladly accepted.

4. Good parking spaces. Now I do not see this often, but every once in a while I see a parking spot right near the front of a store that has a picture of a stork painted on it to be reserved for pregnant women and women with young kids. Love this!! If I were the political type, I would lobby for this to be done at every store in the nation. These spots are rare, but when I see them they make me happy!

5. Buying baby stuff. Having that excuse to shop a little more buying the cutest tiniest stuff for the baby is such a treat. I am a penny pincher and always am trying to save money, so I love the fact that I need to buy some cute things for the baby.